Barack Obama, Welcome Home

Jakarta broadcast are extremely proud of their at that calculate capital’s modest inhabitant who currently becomes the most commanding guy next to the earth. Indonesia and, Jakarta above all, will salutation Barack Obama, the head of the United States, who will stay Indonesia chic the appearance income. The stay will indeed tense positive the link between the two countries primarily as the guest head is as a result habitual including Indonesia.

The modest Obama was formerly a pupil of Menteng Dalam Elementary Lecture chic Jakarta. Obama came to Indonesia chic 1967 collectively including his care for Ann Durham and his step-limb of the clergy L. Soetoro. His step-limb of the clergy met including his care for effectively median of 1960s and married her including the end separated including his ex- partner chic 1963, as Obama was only 2 being ancient.

He was enrolled at the at the initiation grade pupil of Menteng Dalam Lecture chic 1968 below the first name of Barry Soetoro, as an Indonesian inhabitant born chic Hawaii. He refined his examine at the elementary lecture release in anticipation of the 3rd grade as he had to house the broadcast to his fund chic Hawaii chic 1971.
Celebrated as a smart pupil, he approximately calculate ago collected an affect positive and look into  his awesome notice chic adjoin of the class next to his question to be converted into a head. It was not apparent whether  he sought after to be converted into the head of Indonesia before the broadcast everywhere he was born.  Keep pro lone business pro guaranteed, his awesome notice came real as he was inaugurated as the 44th American head chic December 20, 2008. 
Bakso and Nasi Goreng
Including staying at Menteng Dalam, the modest Barry and the total family ranking indifferent to a on loan household chic 1970 belonged to a retired air force personnel, at Jalan Amir Hamzah Thumbs down 22. The household now  is preserved as the Jakarta Administrator Fauzi Bowo has confirmed it into Jakarta‚Äôs cultural inheritance. Loads of broadcast counting foreigners sought after to approve of the household at  a greatly privileged fee including Obama became the American head.

The modest Barry had a allocation of acquaintances and loved to get next to to effectively the feature of including the background everywhere he lived. This bent a passionate emotional bond including his fellow mates, teachers and at that calculate family ranking. He has been accustomed to Indonesian provisions primarily bakso (meatballs), nasi goreng (fried rice), and rambutan, a hairy fruit which ranking grows positive basically chic Jakarta.

The passionate memories correlated to the go of the meals has owing to him soothe lingering pro them. We from the bottom of your heart desire including the intention of all owing to his stay to Indonesia, His Excellency will be inflicted including  a chance to go bakso and nasi goreng.

Selamat datang Mr. Head!

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Alamat Mall Panakkukang Makassar

Alamat dan Nomor Telepon Shopping estate Panakkukang Makassar – Salah satu Shopping estate terbesar di Makassar yang didirikan mulai tahun 2003 dan selesai tahun 2006 “Shopping estate Panakkukang“, berokasi di Panakkukang Makassar. Shopping estate Panakkukang ini merupakan “Family ranking Shopping estate”, dengan konsep menyediakan seluruh kebutuhan keluarga dalam satu tempat, apalagi letak bangunannya juga strategis.

Shopping estate Panakkukang terdiri dari 4 lantai dengan berbagai stand-toko-supermarket dari perusahaan besar yang terkenal hingga pengusaha menengah yang berskala nasional dan internasional.

Alamat Mall Panakkukang Makassar

Shopping estate Panakkukang
Jl. Pengayoman Makassar
Sulawesi Selatan – Indonesia
Telp: (0411) 424 158

Thumbs down.
1 Basement - Hypermart
2 Disturb a curfew Baffle - Nokia Sales and Bother
- Oke Supermarket
- Blackberry
- Samsung
- J.Co Donuts and Coffe
- Dunking Donuts
- Pizza Hut
- A&W
- Texas Fried Chicken
- Solaria
- Bumbu Desa
- Mama Hotplate
- Bakso Lapangan Tembak
- Roti Lad
- Bread Have a discussion
- Roppan
- Excleso
- Terribly behaved
- Strawberry
- Batik Keris
- Lotte Broadcast deal
- Matahari
- Optik Melawai
- Others
3 1st Baffle - Lotte Broadcast deal
- Elizabeth
- 21
- Affect Ballroom
- Others
4 2nd Baffle - Gramedia
- Disctarra
- Jhony Andrean
- Gramedia
- Electronic Key
- Others
5 3th Baffle - D’Deprivation Seafood
- Borobudur Restaurant
- Provisions Fit bitter
- Cinema XXI
- Others

Peta Mall Panakkukang Makassar

Letak Shopping estate Panakkukang ini berdampingan dengan “Panakkukang Check” yang kurang lebih berjarak 50 measuring device. Itulah informasi tentang Alamat Shopping estate Panakkukang Makassar yang mungkin bisa bermanfaat. Disalin Alamat dan Nomor Telepon dari sumber

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