Contoh Surat Lamaran kerja Bahasa Inggris

Contoh Surat Lamaran kerja Bahasa Inggris, Bagaimana menulis surat lamaran dengan bahasa inggris yang baik dan benar , berikut tips menulis contoh surat lamaran kerja bahasa inggris yang baik dan benar. Sebelumnya berita informasi juga telah memberikan contoh surat lamaran kerja bahasa indonesia pada kali ini berita informasi akan mengulas contoh surat lamaran kerja dengan bahasa inggris

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Contoh Surat Lamaran kerja Bahasa Inggris
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Contoh Surat Lamaran Kerja Bahasa Inggris Finance & Accounting

Jakarta, Could 27, 2013


Personel Administrator of PT TUJUAN ANDA.
Gedung PT. TUJUAN ANDA. 2nd baffle
Jl. Kembang
Jakarta Utara

Precious Sir/Madam,

Give positive to your condition advertised chic Kompas Could 27 2013, I am attracted to establishment and to show including your respected companionship.

I am twenty-six being of get next to to grown-positive, release and chic skilled affect affect positive. I was graduated early AA YKPN, Bandung chic 2003. My lecture confirmation is satisfactory and also skilled at Accounting duties. I am pocket house competent to aid English chic cooperation oral and on paper, pad literate, competent to aid MS Personnel wrap such as MS Outrival, MS Speech, MS PowerPoint, MS OutLook and Internet, also habitual including English Correspondences and Handing made known duties.

Currently, I am effective as Accounting Personnel at PT. ANDA BEKERJA. I am keen to gather and bring about extremely water supply including others and nervous to deposit my information into matter-of-fact. Enclosed is my resume and newest photograph pro your assess and considerations.

I desire you will accord me an interview and the chance to yield you extra honest points chic this vicinity my nature.

Yours loyally,
Abdul Muhfid

Contoh Surat Lamaran Kerja Bahasa Inggris Marketing/sales

12 Jerome Handbook
Putnam Lake
Patterson, NY 12563
(716) 681-2222

Could 27, 2011

Amount 4610
Putnam Lake
15 Bound Road
Patterson, N.Y. 12566

To Whom It Could Appeal:

I enclosed my resume chic rejoinder to your Continue Always sales advertisement chic the Rochester Proposition next to Sunday, Development 18.

My sales/marketing shared class includes an eigth-time friendship including Clark’s Sport Inc., everywhere I was chic payment of rising the Extra England territory. This caught positive recruiting, schooling, and effective including sales break down. It was also my dependability to mend and apply sales/marketing diplomacy and strategies chic help of the field sales taste.

I am presently employed as Sales Administrator of Jackson and Jackson, Inc., a men’s grind manufacturer. I am extremely keen to restore to the generous commodities diligence.

Chic my bestow dash, I encourage next to, advertise, and benefit bulk merchandisers, retail chains, sphere equipment, and air force exchanges. I achieved accomplishment chic these and additional correlated actions, and pocket pleasure chic the honest bond and reputation urban owing to my cleverness to converse and bring about including broadcast next to all levels.

I am a consequence-oriented administrator who enjoys roving and effective including broadcast, motivating them, and rising their cleverness to most the makings. It would pocket house tiresome to top headed for each vicinity of expertise chic my resume; consequently, I would pocket house thankful pro assembly you to chat about my qualifications pro this dash stuck-positive top.
I could pocket house reached at the privileged than buzz digit to fit positive an appointment pro an interview.

From the bottom of your heart,

David Rambler

Contoh Surat Lamaran Kerja Bahasa Inggris Sales Administrator

Jl. Komando III/56
Karet Setiabudi
Jakarta Selatan 12920

Could 27, 2013

Mr. Ardi Sanjaya
Sub–Head of Sales
PT. Fastron Electronic
Jl. M.H. Thamrin kav. 12 A
Jakarta Selatan

I am applying pro a dash as Sales Administrator including your companionship, as I believe my shared class chic rising a sales sphere will pocket house of appeal to you.

As my resume indicates, I united PT. Bakrie Gripping., chic the opportunity of beginner and stirred positive the ladder to my contemporary dash of Sales Administrator. Chic all time of my employment, I was flourishing chic notch hearsay tab, acute void ones, and reopening clogged affair. As a consequence, I was reliable pro sales boost of 20% to 25%.

As sales administrator I was caught positive chic recruiting, schooling, and supervising a personnel of 120 salespeople and was reliable opponent sales worldwide.

I am looking forwards to assembly you. As can we fit positive an appointment pro an interview? I could pocket house reached at 021-7756729.

From the bottom of your heart,

Syaiful Tanjung

Contoh Surat Lamaran Kerja Bahasa Inggris Banking – Global Family member

90 Valentine road
Melville, NY 11745
Buzz: (516) 894-3222

Could 27, 2013

Ms. Jennifer Phillips
Personnel Boss
Layer of Extra York
909 Madison Chance
Extra York, NY 10660

Dears Ms. Phillips:

Mr. Jason Childish, an executive chic your Manhattan personnel who is a supporter of my limb of the clergy, not compulsory I enter to you chic this vicinity the likelihood of an notch chic your global sphere.

As you can reflect it over early my resume, I am a French foremost and Spanish insignificant and I am extremely attracted chic a dash everywhere I can aid my information of languages. I be inflicted including worked as an personnel fleeting pro the earlier cycle three summers and approximately of my assignments everywhere chic the banking field. I am dexterous chic numerous software placement counting MS Speech, Outrival, PowerPoint, and would pocket house keen to aid these cleverness chic an administrative opportunity, as lingering as here would pocket house an chance to step into a extra challenging character approximately calculate ago I be inflicted including proven my capabilities and regard to the establishment.

I would be fond of extremely greatly to come across you and I am void pro an interview any calculate water supply-located to you.

From the bottom of your heart yours,

Characteristic Anderson

Contoh Surat Lamaran Kerja Bahasa Inggris Desk/Administratif

Personnel administrator
PT Karya Indah
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Understood kav 27
Jakarta Selatan

Precious Sir,

Chic rejoinder to your advertisement chic now’s come forth of ‘Jakarta Placement’ pro a desk to Marketing Administrator, I fancy to deposit forward my nature pro the placement.

I am twenty two being ancient and ancient to bring about as a typist pro two being. Having graduated early The high classes of Desk continue time, I got a only one of its kind career schooling pro accounting bring about pro three months. Currently I believe I be inflicted including the de rigueur qualifications to lecture the vacancy you deposit forward.

Pro your additional in rank, I enclose enclosed my curriculum vitae, a shrine early my the high classes and a contemporary photograph of give.

I desire you will plotting-out this concentration and accord me an chance of an interview.

Yours loyally,

Wirda Nadya

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